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    Senior-freshman friendships are far and few between, but Weinberg senior Jin No and McCormick freshman Will Ouyang make a great pairing as friends and performers. NBN spoke with the Battle of the DJs winners, who perform as Onnij & Ouyang. The duo will perform before Gramatik on the main stage. (This conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

    NBN: How did you end up performing at Battle of the DJs together?

    Onnij: We met at a StreetBeat event. I think I was playing a song by RL Grime and he noticed it and he liked it and it was like, “Oh shit, this kid likes RL Grime,” and we just got along. Then from there, we just have been talking since.

    Ouyang: We found out that we were both going in, and we were like, we might as well link up and merge our friends together to come out for us, because there’d be more people coming out for both of us. So we decided to just enter as a duo.

    NBN: What was your reaction when you found out you won?

    Onnij: The whole day we were just like, “Uhhh.” We were worried. But then when we found out on Facebook we were so excited, like I texted all my friends. I was just like, “Holy shit, we’re playing on Dillo!”

    Ouyang: I stayed up pretty late that night before, and I was actually taking a nap, and then my friends were blowing up [my phone] and I woke up and was like, “Oh man!” It was definitely crazy. I jumped out of my bed and I just ran out trying to tell as many people as I could. It was just a good time.

    NBN: Who else are you excited to see on the main stage?

    Ouyang: I know D.R.A.M.’s definitely going to be a good time. D.R.A.M. himself, his whole identity is just about having a good time. I’ve listened to Gramatik’s music before actually, and I actually do like it, and I think he’s definitely going to bring a good show too.

    Onnij: I agree, definitely the two people I’m most excited to see are D.R.A.M. and Gramatik. And I’m definitely excited to see [Prez Harris and Friends], I have a couple of friends in there.

    NBN: Why should students make sure to see your Dillo Day set?

    Ouyang: Your friends are going to be there, so you should want to be there.

    Onnij: We turned Nevin’s from a small dive bar into the craziest 20 minutes, mosh pits and just everyone jumping up and down. We made the bartenders of Nevin’s not want to work there, I think.

    Ouyang: If you can turn Nevin’s into that, try to think about what Dillo [can be].

    Onnij: I think it’ll be a fun time regardless. We’re right before Gramatik and MGMT. I think this works out perfectly for all of our fans.

    Ouyang: Your darties are over, so just come.

    Onnij & Ouyang will perform from 6:45-7:15 p.m. on the Dillo Day main stage on May 20 on the Lakefill.

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