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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

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the windy city
A Northwestern professor recently conducted of Chicago's gun violence, which found that gun violence is an epidemic concentrated within what he called “networks.”
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Starman waiting in the sky
Group projects can be a nightmare, but a mission to mars can't afford that sort of dynamic.
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Berlin bangers
Bienen and Weinberg junior Zoe Morfas studied the electronic music scene in Berlin, Germany for her summer research project, “EDM: From Production to Performance.”
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Bias, bias, baby
A new study led by researchers from Northwestern University and New York University found that children as young as four years old showed a strong pro-white bias and that racial bias was expressed more strongly toward males than females.
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Mount trashmore
“The intention of the class is to get students from different backgrounds to come together and use their different perspectives to make an art installation, using data as the medium,” Cambo said.
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Fake out
Deep fakes are videos that have been altered, usually by superimposing another person’s face onto a body in the video.
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Get ready to swipe right
Ever wonder what's driving your attraction? We've got the answers.
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beware of bacteria
Do your part to raise awareness for antibiotic resistance, but don’t risk your health.
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Lasagne, but artisanal!
A deep dive into Eataly versus Italy.
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Frostbite express
With a wind chill of -50℉, you can get frostbite in just 5 minutes outside. This means wherever you live on campus, your Norbucks run is going to have to wait.
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King Julien would be proud
Critically endangered, Madagascar's black-and-white ruffed lemurs spend their lives in the canopies of the island's remaining rainforests.
Raffaella Margutti / W. M. Keck Observatory
A starman waiting in the sky
AT2018cow, affectionately known as "The Cow" by astronomers, is about 200 million light years from Earth.
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Out of this world
On the night of the lunar eclipse, Dearborn Observatory’s dome was frozen shut. Instead, graduate students and volunteers set up three small telescopes outside.
June Zhao
The crowd – some sitting on the floor, others leaning against the wall – had gathered for Dr. Katrin Heitmann's talk on dark matter and the systems used to better understand it.
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Where in the world
Hosted online by The Daily Northwestern, the game was created with the goal of educating the Northwestern community about world geography. The reward? Free Blaze pizza.