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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

Joely Simon / North by Northwestern
The future is now
Imagine if a vending machine met the farmer’s market. Would the M&Ms and goat cheese hit it off?
we never go out of style
From Lady Gaga to Billy Porter, the night’s fashion included some risks, classics and pure elegance.
HeadStrong Website
show us your game hair
"Game Hair Havoc", a six-week challenge created by the HEADstrong Foundation, hopes to bring awareness and raise money for families affected by cancer.
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Wellness weekend
Mental wellness, movies, a capella, danceworks, brunch, open mic and more!
work work work
A new website built and run by Northwestern students – and geared toward Northwestern students – might make the search for a career experience a bit less daunting.
Aliyah Armstrong / North by Northwestern
Brunch is bae
"Based on my first visit, I think Frida’s is going to make a great addition to Evanston’s dining scene."
“Ask me out, coward.”
“There’s this person who never smiles, so I would bring out a clown or something to try and make her laugh."
Best dining hall? CRC's kitchen.
It's as a source of locally sourced ingredients for your own recipes cooked in the comfort of your dorm kitchen.
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Meant to be
Though typical romance films make for a great movie night, romance can be found in many other genres, such as action films or musicals.
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Gifts of love
Students on campus are probably feeling a lot of pressure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. Luckily, we have compiled a practical guide.
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Hearts and culture
Ring in the Lunar New Year, learn to make sushi or find gifts for Valentine's Day with NBN's weekend recommendations.
Screenshotted from the "Northwestern Memes for Networking Teens" Facebook page.
Still not a real bird
Memes surrounding the thousand-dollar-coats may serve as a deconstruction of economic inequality at Northwestern.
NASA Earth Observatory
Cold as Ice
No goose-themed attire necessary – check out our five tips for thriving at 50 below.
Photo by Bryana Quintana/North by Northwestern
Eat this, not that
Are these “healthy” food trends actually, well, healthy — do they really provide the incredible benefits people claim they do?
Paradise Park Facebook page
Welcome to Paradise
The restaurant just opened this August, but already handles the gloomy spirit of the winter like a pro.

On The Blogs

My Box
If any of you guys are going to Berlin and want to party with the Mistress in a dungeon somewhere, hit me up. ;)
My Box
"Most people out there are equally or even more inexperienced, but no one is brave enough to admit it."
My Box
"This was probably the most amazing, beautiful and transcendent sexual experience I have ever, and probably will ever have."
My Box
Joining was easy, save for little reminders like stating your lifestyle budget (I went for high, because shoot for the goddamn stars).
My Box
Northwestern University’s annual Sex Week kicked off this year with mountains of condoms, lube samples, Tenga Eggs, colorful cock rings, genital chocolates and everything titillating that students definitely did not expect walking into Kresge on a Tuesday morning.
My Box
You do you, boo at these events.
My Box
Let's say buh-BI to bisexual misconceptions.
My Box
In case you’re not familiar, “My Box” is your safe place to ask and explore anything and everything about sex and relationships