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For hundreds of NU students whose native language isn’t English, sometimes things get lost in translation.


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Whiz Kids
More ‘gifted’ children are struggling with the transition into Northwestern because they are no longer the biggest fish in the pond.
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Laugh it off
In the era of #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein and Brett Kavanaugh, Northwestern students are increasingly using pointed comedy to talk about rape and campus sexual harassment.
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Mo' money, mo' problems
Ten days before classes started in September, Catie May, along with about a dozen other leaders of community service clubs on campus, received an email informing them that the university’s “community service van program” no longer existed.
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stacks on stacks
University Library – colloquially known as “Main” – has been fondly compared to "a deconstructed Rubik’s cube on stilts."
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From Skokie to Squirrel Hill
"It feels like half of my heart is in Squirrel Hill."
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Rest Easy
“Angel was truly my angel. She was there for me when nobody else was and watched over me through my toughest times at Northwestern,” Stephanie Bernstein, one of Wilson's friends, said.
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Graduation nation
It's so hard to live in the moment until your moment's almost over.
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Behind the scenes, behind the wheel
As we cruise south, a debate erupts in the back. “We can’t go too hard tonight; my train is at 7,” a passenger says says. Another replies: “So, we get back at 4 a.m., and then you pack and leave.”
dance, dance
Join us for the next 30 hours as we get you all the information you need to know, as it happens, from the tent.
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a comeback against all odds
A cancer diagnosis separated Bienen sophomore Dominic Davis from his life’s passion. Now, after losing half of his jaw, the French horn performance major is making a comeback.
Move over, bikers! There's a trend that might start hitting the new Sheridan Road bike lane sometime soon.
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may the odds be ever in your favor
For better or for worse, most students go through NU's random roommate process, providing cherished memories and some horror stories.
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Building community through language
Every time RTVF students are on a film set, they might expect to hear some unusual phrases.
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Nom Nom
Northwestern rolled out a new meal plan for this year, and the new changes can appear daunting.
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"I'm a motherfucking woman!"
Sekile Nzinga-Johnson has been tasked with imagining what the next 30 years at the Women's Center will look like.