Icebreak-ing in real life
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    Wildcat Welcome may be over, but the skills and lessons from countless icebreakers will (hopefully) stay with you. It was a long ten days of endless “getting to know you” games, but who’s to say you can’t use them in real life? Here are some awkward situations that can easily be saved by one of the many icebreakers learned throughout welcome week.

    1. Bumping into your RA at a tailgate. 

    Icebreaker: Human Knot. 

    Yeah she’s with her boyfriend, all of her friends and her parents who are visiting for the weekend, but who wouldn’t be down to hold hands in a group of strangers and try to untangle themselves? It’s the best way to relieve the awkward tension between you two after getting written up for those string lights.

    Example: Walk up to the group she’s in, yell “HUMAN KNOT!” It's a recipe for immediate tailgate fun.

    2. Working out on the elliptical next to your Academic Advisor at Henry Crowne Sports Pavilion. 

    Icebreaker: Ninja. 

    Choose your starting position, even if your advisor is in full gym mode on mile 3. Make steady eye contact; they’ll know what to do.  Continue until fatigued. 

    Example: (see gif).

    3. Staying behind your professor in the checkout line at Whole Foods.

    Icebreaker: Would You Rather.

    Take note of their groceries and create a personalized “Would you rather?” question. 

    Example: “Hey Professor _____, I notice you’re buying oranges. Out of curiosity, would you rather exclusively eat oranges for the rest of your life or have a permanent orange spray tan?”

    4. Stuck in the Elder elevator with the creepy floormate who’s desperately in love with your roommate. 

    Icebreaker: Two Truths and a Lie 

    Example: When he asks how your roommate is doing before asking how you’re doing, and you’re done. To break the tension, answer with the following: 

    “Here are two truths and a lie: you have a really good chance of being with my roommate, my name is (insert real name here), and we are stuck in the Elder elevator.” 

    5. Waiting for your laundry and someone from your floor says “Hi, ___!” but you can’t remember their name. 

    Icebreaker: The Adjective Game.

    To avoid future awkward run-ins, ask your neighbor what adjective best describes them that also starts with the first letter in their name. 

    Example: “Hey! What adjective starting with the letter of your first name best describes you? Asking for a friend.”

    BONUS: Compliment their Hello Kitty pajamas to butter them up. 

    6. Seeing the cute guy from your Econ discussion in the booth next to you at Cheesie's after a long night out. 

    Icebreaker: Never Have I Ever. 

    This one’s all about the confidence. Stroll up to his booth, smeared makeup and all, and hit him the following line: 

    Example: “Never have I ever seen someone look so cute eating the Tenderizer…until now.”

    *flips hair*

    7. When your TA asks you your thoughts on the text during discussion and you’re running on three hours of sleep.

    Icebreaker: Pterodactyl 

    A quality game of Pterodactyl will certainly keep you and your classmates awake more than any academic comment on the text will. Lean to the person on your right and have at it. 

    Example: Cover your teeth with your lips as if you’re a pterodactyl and yell into their ear, “Pterodactyl!” without laughing.

    8. Seeing the person you matched with on Tinder last night in the library, intently studying. 

    Icebreaker: The Biopic Game. 

    What better way to greet the person who virtually hit on you than asking him or her the sole question to determine your compatibility in real life? 

    Example: “If they were making a movie about your life, which celebrity would play you, and who would play your love interest?” 

    If it’s someone who doesn’t resemble you or an actor/actress you hate, physically swipe left. 

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