DM 2018: Five Fast Facts about Joe Biden

    We don't have to tell you who he is, right? Our favorite ice cream-loving politician encouraged dancers during Block 5 with a last-minute video filmed during his visit to campus yesterday. "You guys can change the world, man," he told the dancers. "So keep dancing."

    Here are five things to know about Joe Biden.

    1. In addition to running for president in 2008, Biden also vied for the Democratic nomination in 1988. If he were elected in 1988, he would've been the youngest president since John F. Kennedy.

    2. He's never had an alcoholic drink. After experiences with alcoholism in his family, Biden decided drinking wasn't worth it.

    3. Biden was the only person to earn a Medal of Freedom with distinction from former president Barack Obama.Friend goals, right?

    4. After he left the office of vice president, Biden became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He'd surely make your political science class more interesting – if only Northwestern had gotten to him first.

    5. If Biden runs for president in 2020, he could be the oldest elected president ever. He notably turned down a presidential run in 2016 after his adult son's death. Now, there's a political action committee called Time for Biden pushing for another run – when Biden would be 77 on election day.


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