I wasn’t alright. I’m not alright.


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who am I?
I’m a sheep in sheep’s clothing on the way to pasture. / Secret. / Spent all my time slipping out of the limelight. / Spent my spirit like Blue Jasmine – / excuse me.
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I start thinking about whether I said the right things, laughed at the right times, looked alright at the right times.
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call me by your name
i’m saying your name in the dark, you’re calling me by your name in the light, i'm whispering my name into the phone, you whisper your name back
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Un millier de mots
"When I paint the world one color and only think in movements, everything is simple, and love is all I can feel and breathe and remember."
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Top Searches
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The Kiss
"For once, my heart and mind agree. It's the sound of two souls molding into one."
White dress wishes
"Now, tears will still fall and minutes will pass by like hours, but I know I will never be alone."
Graphic by Savannah Christensen / North by Northwestern
tangled in the mangroves
The stare, / your pull back and chuckle. / The sun melting into corals and lilacs, / the waves pulling me in.
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Art is short and life is long
"I've already found a home that actually wants to be my home."
Masha Dolgoff
Drip, drip, drip
"Together, we are a structural abnormality, but apart we live at the extremes."
snow day
"There were so many unknown elements as an international student. The weather was the only change that I could quantify."
Photo by George Hodan. Licensed under Creative Commons
Remember me to you
"You might not remember now, but I know one day you will. I will make sure of that."
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"What is your core? What is the source of your fire? And what if it's the same as everyone else's?"
Photo by Amy Yang / North by Northwestern
the privilege of a sunrise
If my parents visit Chicago again, I want to show them the sunrise on Lake Michigan. This is the life your hard work has given me, I would tell them. It is beautiful and full of light.
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Sunset Lover
"Imagine if we gave the sun a name, what would you call her?"

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