As you eagerly await the results of the election, people all over the world will be doing the same.


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Enough is still enough
In the year since the Parkland shooting, many states have taken action to limit gun violence. Still, little has been done on a national level.
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What's the state of our nation?
As predicted by several Northwestern professors, the issue of border security was at the forefront of Trump’s speech.
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The rundown
From Jeff Bezos’ blackmail power play to organized labor on Northwestern’s campus, here are some of this week’s top stories.
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Chi Town Showdown
Chicago’s 2019 mayoral election has been quite the hot topic recently, and that’s probably because this election is so different from many of the races that came before it.
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Minimum wage? Maximum effort.
As temperatures dropped dangerously low last week, Northwestern students hunkered inside while campus food service workers went to work.
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Cold War II?
Russia's allegedly been in violation of the treaty since 2014, and the US is worried about a Chinese missile buildup.
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So many new gifs
The president focused on border security, praised the economy, and blasted the Russia investigation.
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Going through changes
Northwestern has submitted an official comment on behalf of its undergraduate population in response to the proposed changes to the Title IX policy.
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It was a cold week in Evanston, but at least we had a fantastic week of political news to warm our hearts.
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Will the real president please stand up
With more and more countries “picking a side” every day, it is unclear who will come out on top or how difficult the conflict may be for the people of Venezuela.
Brianna Bilter
Going green
“[The issue is] whether we’re going to address one of the most fundamental issues of our time,” Weinberg senior Edmund Bannister said.
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Another shut down?
Not much happened this week, so check back next week. Not! From restarting our government to discussing free speech on campus, this week was another doozy.
Jerry Lee
Activist and artist Patrisse Cullors discussed her art, the history of #BlackLivesMatter, and the evolution of activism in a dialogue Thursday evening.
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Code of silence
Friday evening, Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan sentenced former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke to 81 months, or just under 7 years, in prison for second-degree murder.
Democratic divides
@Copmala is conveying the message that these progressive candidates aren’t real progressives.

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