As you eagerly await the results of the election, people all over the world will be doing the same.


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Enough is enough
Members of the Northwestern community and beyond gathered Saturday evening in Lutkin Hall to attend “Guns, Activism, Change,” a conversation that featured Samantha Fuentes and Jaclyn Corin.
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Si se puede!
In a bid to increase political representation for American Latinos, two Chicago-area politicians recently announced the creation of the Latino Leadership Council, a political action committee.
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What's New in the House?
Nancy Pelosi is about to serve her 17th term in Congress, but she might be why Democrats are losing elections.
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Recusal refusal
Whitaker’s hostility toward the Mueller investigation, which has been well-documented by The Washington Post, has reified fears about the investigation’s safety and independence.
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Bye Bye Britain?
Brexit, to remind you, refers to the vote that took place in June 2016 for the UK to leave the EU, when the ‘Leave’ side won with 52 percent of the vote.
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Complicated legacy
As a university that owes its existence to John Evans, Northwestern has made recent efforts to acknowledge his legacy.
Millennials rocking the vote
NU Votes estimates that it provided voter registration and absentee ballots to over 2500 students this year.
Northwestern University
The More You Know
Her new book takes a look at how many states around the world have used triadic coercion to varying degrees of success. But the focus always returns to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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Josh Lyman?
The panelists discussed how despite the disconnect most people see between the government and the general population, the central administration is really just made up of ordinary citizens.
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Can We Count on a Recount?
On Election Night, Republican candidates appeared to eke out a narrow victory in the Sunshine State in both the Senate and gubernatorial races. Votes are still being counted, though, and the margins in both races are razor-thin, even by Florida standards, and still narrowing.
Squeezing out a W
Democrat Tony Evers, the former head of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, won the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin last night, defeating two-term incumbent Scott Walker.
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Leading Ladies
Two female lawmakers and major party nominees are going head to head in a state that has never previously had a female senator.
Political newcomer Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D) won the race for Illinois’ 17th House District, beating another newcomer Peter Lee and taking Laura Fine’s open seat.
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The loss comes in the wake of Heitkamp’s vocal opposition to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
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The recent urge to vote is in reaction to our current administration, said Medill junior Andres Correa.

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