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Sometimes, Instagrammed healthy living can have a tangible effect.

Life and Style

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No matter where you’re headed in January, here’s how to figure out your winter quarter storage situation.
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'Tis the (fashion) season!
From Red Pear to Ceylon Yellow, we've got the colors you'll see dominating winter fashion this season!
Karen Reyes
The cold never bothered NU anyway
You can’t change winter’s inevitable weather, but you can change your outfit. Check out Life and Style’s winter thrifting guide!
Zoe Grossinger
See ya Starbucks
At the corner of Church and Sherman, a majestic and hip new coffee shop sits in all its glory, complete with floor to ceiling shiny glass windows, rustic red awnings and blazing red neon letters that say “COLECTIVO COFFEE."
Thank u, next
While Thanksgiving is a time to indulge and enjoy the company of loved ones, it’s also a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for and put that gratitude into action.
Cherry Bombe
food for thought
Bombesquad (noun): a group of women and men focused on supporting women in the food industry through community building, storytelling and food.
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Stay safe, Wildcats
With a string of recent reports on campus, here are several strategies to give you peace of mind.
Feeling ~green~
As a college student, the thought of taking on any new responsibilities is definitely daunting, but the harmful effects of our actions on the environment simply can’t be ignored any longer.
North by Northwestern
Leading Ladies
BOSSY Chicago is a platform that connects feminist customers to women-owned businesses. The platform has its roots on Northwestern’s campus, specifically, in the Garage.
Giovana Gelhoren
do or don't?
In the attempt to clarify if these fashion moves are actually fashion faux pas, I put together some looks with these “fashion crimes” and tried making them as stylish as possible.
Now through Dec. 9th, the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, also known as SPAC, offers a variety of exercise classes everyday of the week free of charge for students and NU faculty.
Peak spooky szn
If you're struggling to find a last-minute costume, here are some witty ideas for dressing up as different NU majors.
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Hell in a handbasket
Memes about Spooky Season™ started strong and early, but the new fad is “spooky baskets.”
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Serve looks and slay Halloween
Whether you're a makeup lover or a beginner, NBN's got your Halloween look covered!
Joely Simon
it's the great pumpkin
Meet the new part of your daily routine: pumpkin skin care products. Last week at Sherbucks, I tried my first ...

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My Box
If any of you guys are going to Berlin and want to party with the Mistress in a dungeon somewhere, hit me up. ;)
My Box
"Most people out there are equally or even more inexperienced, but no one is brave enough to admit it."
My Box
"This was probably the most amazing, beautiful and transcendent sexual experience I have ever, and probably will ever have."
My Box
Joining was easy, save for little reminders like stating your lifestyle budget (I went for high, because shoot for the goddamn stars).
My Box
Northwestern University’s annual Sex Week kicked off this year with mountains of condoms, lube samples, Tenga Eggs, colorful cock rings, genital chocolates and everything titillating that students definitely did not expect walking into Kresge on a Tuesday morning.
My Box
You do you, boo at these events.
My Box
Let's say buh-BI to bisexual misconceptions.
My Box
In case you’re not familiar, “My Box” is your safe place to ask and explore anything and everything about sex and relationships