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Want to avoid people when you workout? Check out this interactive to find your favorite Northwestern gym's quietest hours.


some lax reading
NBN Sports has you covered with every angle of the year so far and what’s to come.
Here comes the weekend
Mee-Ow, Oscars, Acapella, Beer, Bagels and more!
hell yeah i just got paid
Check out the Lakefront Trail, Second City or a Lunar New Year parade this nice weekend.
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get your kicks for week six
Cookies, concerts, and tattoos? Count us in.
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Where's the best java?
The guide to getting your caffeine fix in Evanston.
You like nine to five, I'm the weekend
We've got you covered for discounted poke, Chicago restaurants and Norris ice skating.
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Beat the winter blues this weekend with NBN's guide!
Image by Maxine Whitely and Audrey DeBruine
look back at it
From #MeToo to Fiona the Hippo to Cardi B, 2017 is a year we certainly won't forget.
do they know it's (going to be) christmastime at all?
Holiday events take over this weekend in Chicago.
Family fun
How to spend your Family Weekend – no family required!
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What to do, what to do
Looking for things to do this weekend? NBN's got you covered.
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Mamma Mia!
NBN talked to three sorority house moms.
Start the presses
Here are some of our favorite articles from the past eight years featuring NU’s finest wildcats, and our *hot takes*
Hello, neighbors
We put away the Yelp reviews and gave the Evanston businesses a chance to rate us: their loving, loyal customers.
Uber everywhere
Local Uber and Lyft drivers have to deal with Wildcats all the time. So what do they really think of us?