“That’s the power of theater, is that you come for entertainment and you get entertainment, but what you also take away, that changes you and affects your life in ways that just normal moments can’t.”


Lipstick Theatre
Shaky shaky
Earthquake Chica is a romantic comedy woven with fundamental questions about love and identity.
David Deloso
NU really really likes u
Both performers were loud and energetic, and the crowd especially came to life when Jepsen sang some of her more popular songs like "Call Me Maybe" and "I Really Like You."
Micha Nouafo / ASA
No more 'Mr. Brightside'
On Nov. 16, Afropollo united members and friends of Northwestern’s African community under one roof to experience a bit of African culture.
Camille Williams / North by Northwestern
Triple threat
Nagasu, 25, became a household name at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics when she became the first American woman to land the triple axel at the Olympics.
creative commons
VR Madness
Northwestern University's Knight Lab hosted its first open house showcasing virtual reality technology Nov. 1
Creative Commons
New horizons
As someone who had never tried Filipino food before, I was excited to eat as much as I could.
Creative Commons
Space and sexuality
"Salads, lesbians, space, what more could you want?"
Creative Commons
What goes up must come down!
“Up Is Down” illuminates the creative functions behind advertising and Chicago's influence on design techniques.
Creative Commons
Forgotten heroes, forgotten history
“We started [the strike]. We lost in the end,” Alex Fabros, a Filipino American labor historian said in the documentary.
Camille Williams
world of color
At the Dittmar Memorial Gallery in Norris this Fall Quarter, visitors enjoyed a worthy break by glimpsing into an artist's soul at Elisa R. Boughner's "Implication of Color" exhibit.
Creative Commons
Just Say No
While both rappers employ melodic flows and a heavy use of autotune in their individual discographies, their styles have been distinct enough to make this collaboration sound good on paper. Unfortunately, the pairing simply doesn’t work
Block Museum
Art With Heart
Even though all three collectives approached the injustice of the criminal justice system in different ways, they all simply wanted to make an impact and to document the horror of the country’s incarceration problem.
88rising Twitter account
See Yourself On Stage
It was cathartic when I could scream along to lyrics in Mandarin, and join the audience in yelling the intro to one of Higher Brothers’ most iconic songs called “Made in China.”
Creative Commons
Gap year
The film won the Sundance Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Filmmaking, as well as 55 other awards from international and American film festivals.
Alec D'Alelio
Cool new tunes
"I found solace in making music. It was the easiest way for me to process the way I was feeling."

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