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Margaux MacColl,
Kanazawa's research focuses mainly on gender, religion and race, and he has written articles with headlines such as “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?” and “What’s Wrong with Muslims.”
Maia Brown,
Critics say the Trump administration's proposed changes protect those accused of sexual assault at the expense of victims.

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Tell it to me straight
We started the week going into the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.
Maia Brown
These boots were made for walking
In a somewhat unexpected move, the Chicago chapter of the Women’s March decided not to hold a rally in 2019.
June Zhao
The crowd – some sitting on the floor, others leaning against the wall – had gathered for Dr. Katrin Heitmann's talk on dark matter and the systems used to better understand it.
Jacob Munoz
Room to grow
The Hawkeyes won the overall men’s tri-dual, and the Badgers topped the women’s matches.
Road Woes
Vanderbilt prolonged Northwestern’s doubles woes to begin the season by coming from behind to take the doubles point.
Karen Reyes
Dance the Night Away
Whatever your preconceived notions about student-run dance showcases are, cast them aside, because Graffoniks Take 5, the fifth collaboration between contemporary dance company Graffiti Dancers and Northwestern’s only tap group, Tonik Tap, will blow you away.

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This Is My Jam
The past two years alone have seen a surge in disco-inspired songs.
This Is My Jam
Hasan Minhaj challenged those norms when Netflix began sponsoring his weekly series on U.S. central topics, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, this past October.
This Is My Jam
These songs are bops and not just for post-breakup vibes.
This Is My Jam
Couldn't get enough of your cringey middle school years? This show's for you.
This Is My Jam
Songs that will make you feel like you're in Miami, or make you want to hit up an ex you never had.
This Is My Jam
Cuffing szn and R&B go hand-in-hand.
This Is My Jam
From May 25 to June 23, Kanye’s label G.O.O.D. Music dropped one album every week, each exclusively containing beats produced by Mr. West himself from his studio in Wyoming.
My Box
If any of you guys are going to Berlin and want to party with the Mistress in a dungeon somewhere, hit me up. ;)

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