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Lauren Velasco,
“I think it’s very exciting because when you see the finals round actually take place, students are pitching ideas to the leaders of the school, and who else would you want to pitch an idea to than them?” ImproveNU founder McCormick junior Sid Ahuja said.
Maya Mojica,
As predicted by several Northwestern professors, the issue of border security was at the forefront of Trump’s speech.

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Upset City
Chakonis’s pin gave the Wildcats key momentum in their 25-12 win over the Illini Friday evening
Going to your head
Michigan, Wisconsin, and Purdue: Some of the top teams from a top conference will be threats beyond that fateful week, going deep into late March
Dominant Yet Again
In their third consecutive weekend doubleheader, the Widlcats crushed Ball State and UIC without dropping a single match.
Mia Zanzucchi
All they do is win
Northwestern was lucky to come away with a 21-20 win, as this game proved to be much more of a challenge for the Wildcats than expected.
Cynthia Zhang
Good times, come on
The Chinese Year of the Pig, which began Feb. 5, served as the show’s theme.
North by Northwestern
eye on the ball
Wildcat softball closed out the weekend with a W after games against Louisville and North Carolina.

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This Is My Jam
Carlie deserves the six Grammy noms, but this earlier album is also worth a listen.
This Is My Jam
Remember watching Full House but wishing it was a little more like your wild Latinx family? Take a look at One Day at a Time.
This Is My Jam
Cats – they’re stylish, professional and can’t be bothered, and aren’t those the qualities of our favorite musicians anyway?
This Is My Jam
The past two years alone have seen a surge in disco-inspired songs.
This Is My Jam
Hasan Minhaj challenged those norms when Netflix began sponsoring his weekly series on U.S. central topics, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, this past October.
This Is My Jam
These songs are bops and not just for post-breakup vibes.
This Is My Jam
Couldn't get enough of your cringey middle school years? This show's for you.
This Is My Jam
Songs that will make you feel like you're in Miami, or make you want to hit up an ex you never had.

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